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Every nonprofit asks the same question: how do we raise more money? Nelson Fundraising Advisors understands the complexities of that question and more importantly, we understand the solutions that help your organization raise more revenue.

We're passionate about partnering
with nonprofits to realize their
fundraising goals.

Nelson Fundraising Advisors provides customized advice and hands-on guidance to colleges, foundations, and nonprofits looking to raise more money. We analyze fundraising operations, make tailored recommendations for raising more revenue, develop an actionable plan, and guide the clients every step of the way.


Nelson Fundraising Advisors will help your organization be more effective.  Our approach is to look into your whole organization, fix what needs to be fixed, and help you until the organization is raising more money and retaining more donors.


We help nonprofits raise more money.


We will help you improve and raise more revenue or we are not successful.


We serve our clients so they are better able to help those they serve.

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