Fundraising coaching

Our coaching is an affordable program that will help you raise more money. Commit to two hours monthly, work with your coach in a private one-hour session, attend our cohort session with peers, implement what you learn, and you will find yourself bringing in more revenue for your organization.


The NFA Coaching Program is designed to be a 12-month coaching and support program that deepens your understanding of fundraising, builds your confidence in seeking donors, and lays the foundation for closing more gifts. 


Our coaches at Nelson Fundraising Advisors are seasoned development and business professionals who understand how to raise money. Great people in history such as C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, Harvey Firestone, and Theodore Roosevelt all had coaches and met in groups known as Mastermind Groups. The same design works for our coaching program. The NFA Coaching Program provides:


One-to-One Coaching

A personal, monthly 60-minute targeted coaching session designed to help you raise more money. Together, we will:

  • strategize

  • clarify

  • answer pressing questions

  • role-play

  • motivate

  • inspire

  • practice accountability


Investment: $249 monthly

The Fundraising Mastermind™

Designed to be similar to a mastermind group, the cohort session occurs each month with your peers. It is a great way to "compare notes" as you pull on each other's strengths, spiritual forces, experience, and guidance.  Together, you will achieve more than working alone. Advantages include:

  • Taking your fundraising farther.

  • Fast-tracking ideas through the coaching of experienced peers who have implemented similar strategies.  Avoid reinventing the wheel.

  • Friendly, positive accountability. Accountability is key. You will report on the goals you set for yourself from the previous month.

  • The power of a creative group think tank.

  • Like-minded professionals.


Investment: $119 monthly

Fundraising Coaching Plus

This program offers you the best of both worlds - one-on-one coaching and becoming a member of a fundraising mastermind group.

You also benefit from full email access to your coach between sessions. 

Investment: $319 monthly

Thank you for choosing to partner with Nelson Fundraising.  Your business is appreciated and we look forward to helping you raise more money.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 845.430.1553.


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