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Fundraising Coaching & training

In fundraising, as in life, nothing will change as long as you keep doing the same things time and again.  Even small changes can make significant differences. Nelson Fundraising Advisors coach you to succeed beyond what you even hoped possible. We offer the Frame Your Fundraising Academy as an intensive time of training and also executive coaching for monthly coaching and accountability.  Whether you choose to utilize our Academy or executive coaching program, you will learn the valuable skills it takes to obtain more gifts.   


The Frame Your Fundraising Academy™ is both an introduction to the world of fundraising as well as a fresh approach for experienced directors and fundraisers.  Learn more.

How do you raise more money to support those who need your services? Can you afford to hire fundraising staff? Are you wearing too many hats? Is fundraising merely another plate that you are spinning? Nelson Fundraising Advisors can help.  Learn more.

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