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outsourced & retained 


Perhaps you are trying to set up a new development operation, get hands-on help, or feel a capital campaign is required.  Understanding this, Nelson Fundraising may bring in additional outsourced fundraisers to complement and add to our excellent service to you. Nelson Fundraising Advisors understands that each fundraising situation is unique.  We are here to help you.

Outsourced Chief Development Officer (OCDO)

You need an expert in organizational development and fundraising, these combined skills are hard to find, and your budget is limited. Do you need to choose one skill set over another?  Hope that who you choose can get the job done? 


An OCDO is the answer, and NFA can help. We become a part of your team, establish fundraising efforts, or right the ship. We ensure consistent and stable operations and can help maintain focus and create momentum.


Retained Development Advisor (DOD)

The retained advisor is an expert who is on-site monthly or as required for meetings with the team for a review of progress. We are on your team as a Director of Development, meeting with prospects and closing gifts. We are the right hand to your existing leadership.


Campaign Advisor

If you have made a decision or feel that you need to launch a capital campaign, align with NFA. We do not believe that a feasibility study is necessary if you have already decided to move forward. While this may seem counter to other advisors, our approach is practical and allows you to get started sooner while saving thousands of dollars.

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