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organizational analysis

& strategy

An organization that wants to raise more money needs to answer these basic questions:

  • Where are we?

  • Where do we want to go?

  • What is our timeline?

  • How do we get there?

  • What is needed to achieve our goals and when do we need it?

At Nelson Fundraising Advisors, we understand these questions, we know where to find the answers, and will partner with your organization in your journey to raise more money. Our tailored solutions allow you to hit the ground running and achieve great success.


The help we offer you is not a bound book to lay on a shelf, but an actionable plan created specifically for your team.  We offer two options to meet your strategy needs. After a short, no-cost interview, we can help you determine what is needed for your organization to thrive.


  • Snap Assessment: An expedited look at where your organization currently stands and the next critical steps. A review of your current revenue plan (fundraising plan) is a crucial part of the "Snap" assessment, ensuring you have what is needed to hit your goals. After phone meetings and a site visit, we develop a custom step-by-step plan that gives you what you need to succeed. It will identify your starting point as well as the goal line. This plan will allow you to focus your efforts and resources to plan needed fundraising activities.

  • Strategic Growth and Planning​: To lead you to optimum performance, often a complete operations audit​ is needed. Working with you both on and off site, our comprehensive examination includes a detailed three-five year revenue plan that aligns with your strategic plan. Our audit provides your team with a well-thought-out plan that offers a clear and definitive road map to improved operations and increased fundraising efficiency. 

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